The incrEDIBLE! Upgrade

incrEDIBLE! Straws

Sure, nothing is perfect, but wait until you try our chocolate straws with your Frappuccino...

They last 40 minutes in beverages without going soft!

Available flavours: Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, VanillaLemon, and Mint

incrEDIBLE! Cups

Crunchier than ever, the incrEDIBLE! cup comes in two flavours - cardamom, and cocoa.


Perfectly compliments your tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and even frozen yogurt or ice cream!

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incrEDIBLE! Dessert Spoons

What better dessert topping than our naturally delicious, plastic-free dessert spoons?!


Delight your tastebuds by pairing our strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate flavoured spoons with your favourite dessert!

incrEDIBLE! Spoons

Each of our spoons pack a nutritional punch of proteins and fibres! Made with ingredients that are healthy for both you and the planet...

Flavours can be customised to the individual needs of our business partners.

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